Your body is your greatest resource for healing and transformation.

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Your body as mentor

Do you feel overwhelmed at times by a multitude of intense thoughts or emotions? Are you struggling with a feeling of not fitting in? Does this prevent you from showing your true colours? I hear you.

I am here to move you towards a balanced and meaningful life. Together we probe your rich inner world to raise awareness of your unique gifted wiring. Hence you gain a better understanding of your authentic self and the world around you. Not by means of cognitive reasoning, but through embodied experiences. You will learn about and from your own body.

By actively involving your body in your process, you will feel actual change and achieve growth. These Aha!-moments imprint a lasting memory in your body, heart and mind. And when these three parts unite, you thrive.

From moving to feeling, understanding and ultimately blooming. 
Let’s walk the talk together,
Respectfully and safely.


My name is Rozelien Callaerts. As a Belgian arts therapist I offer online dance/movement therapy and coaching for identified and unidentified gifted chameleons. Does that sound weird or exotic to you? Hang tight and find out here what it means. My passion is to help you navigate your giftedness and unleash your full potential.

Rozelien Callaerts
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Are you curious to find out more? Do you notice any hesitation? You might need a bit more information or reassurance. If so, you can book a free call (30 minutes) here. It will give you the opportunity to ask the questions necessary to decide if you are ready to go on a journey with me.

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In all my unhappiness I was moving, and suddenly, this moving became an expression, a speaking out.

Mary Wigman

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