“It can be a tough job to transform your cognitive insights into actual change. By using hands-on methods you get to practice until you embody your insights. That is when true change happens.”

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Your witty body

As a certified dance/movement therapist (MA) I offer online dance/movement therapy and coaching. I use a body focused approach from where self-discovery and personal growth can arise. I consider the sessions as a safe creative lab to freely experiment, play and test. Trial and error. Along the way you will gain a better understanding of your unique mental and emotional wiring. Besides that you will learn hands-on tools to ground (or soothe) yourself, discover your authentic self and unleash your full potential. So feel free to come on board!

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Your body speaks

Imagine for a moment: You feel very nervous talking in public. Just before climbing the stage, you panic. The level of fear increases. You start sweating and your heart is pounding. You envision yourself running away as quickly as possible. At that particular moment your body clearly responds to a sense of threat. That is what bodily sensations do. They continuously show how various stimuli affect the experience of yourself and the world. Both positively and negatively. Understanding your bodily cues will enable you to anticipate and react accordingly. This is a skill that you can learn!

Your body remembers

Your body stores your life experiences. However, you may not have the capacity to recall each experience cognitively. Yet, certain unconscious processes can prevent you from functioning well in daily life. Body-oriented research can bring these processes to the surface. This tangible aspect elicits an opportunity to process and eventually transform your inner obstacles. This body-felt approach will demonstrate what you are really feeling as opposed to what you think you are feeling (“I think I am confident” versus “I feel empowered”). Your body and mind work in tandem, every second of every day.

What are the benefits?

  • You develop and cultivate more body awareness.
  • You learn how to respond appropriately to your overexcitabilities.
  • You discover deeper layers that affect your daily functioning.
  • You learn to deal with different stressors and setbacks.
  • You get trained in body-oriented techniques to break the cycle of rumination.
  • You learn to set boundaries.
  • Your body will become a safe haven you can come home to.
  • You learn to navigate your perfectionism in a playful way.
  • You can practice with hands-on self-care methods.
  • You learn how to attune your personal setting to your specific needs.
  • You discover what is needed for you to feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • You will access your bodily intelligence that will help you flourishing as a human being.

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Dance/Movement Therapy helps to:
  • understand your past in order to improve your life quality in the present and future
  • learn healthy ways to cope with your unique challenges as a gifted adult
  • find safety within your body
  • develop and cultivate body awareness
  • build towards mental and emotional stability
Important notes: Please consult a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist first if you struggle with complex psychiatric disorders (such as personality disorder, C-PTSD, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder). The virtual setting does not allow to provide urgent crisis support. Hence, I advise you to reach out to a local professional in case of an acute or chronic crisis (including among others suicidal and self-mutilative episodes).
Coaching helps to:
  • develop and cultivate body awareness
  • discover deeper layers of yourself (learning en growing)
  • explore and unleash your creative potential (self-expression)
  • find your own voice and feeling empowered
  • engage your body intelligence to achieve your life goals
Important notes: Coaching requires mental and emotional stability. If you feel unstable at this stage in your life, I recommend you to start with therapy.

Important to know:

  • Therapy and coaching is an equal collaboration between client and therapist/coach. It requires dedication, willingness and responsibility from the client to actualize change and to achieve goals. The coach/therapist holds space for you to explore yourself. Safely, respectfully and without judgment.
  • My services are designed for identified and unidentified gifted adults. However, if you considerably recognize yourself in a few chameleon traits, you are most welcome for an explorative intake session. Together we will evaluate whether you can benefit from my services.
  • It is recommendable to consult a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist if you suffer from severe disorders or if you go through a period of crisis.

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

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